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Leaving the Scene of an Accident

If you are accused of leaving the scene of an accident in Florida, enlist the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Law enforcement devotes substantial time investigating hit-and-run accident scenes to uncover the identity of at-fault drivers. Failure to act quickly in consulting a defense lawyer could greatly limit the strength of a defense strategy.

At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates, we offer an extensive background defending clients accused of fleeing the scene of an accident. Whether you were wrongfully accused or were unaware of the hit-and-run accident, we know the right steps to take in developing an aggressive defense strategy. Call 407-680-2093 today.

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Our founding attorney — Corey I. Cohen — was formerly a public defender and state prosecutor before starting this defense firm. His depth of experience includes prosecuting individuals accused of drinking and driving in hit-and-run car accidents. With this knowledge at our foundation, our firm is ready to vigorously defend people charged with crimes of this nature.

Mr. Cohen knows firsthand the steps the prosecutors are likely taking in pursuing a case against you. With his in-depth knowledge as an important part of our knowledge base, our team of defense lawyers are ready to stay ahead of the prosecution by conducting a detailed investigation into the facts obtained against you. Do not delay. Contact our traffic crime defense law office in Orlando today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Developing an Aggressive Defense Strategy

Allegations of leaving the scene of an accident are very fact-specific. Our law firm will act quickly to understand the circumstances that led to your arrest. We often consult accident scene reconstructionists to understand any factors, such as construction zone hazards or poor weather, conditions which may have caused the accident. The law firm of The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates will develop an aggressive defense strategy if you sustained a serious trauma and left the accident scene without thinking clearly or if you left the scene of the accident without leaving any information.

Our firm also takes the time reviewing police reports and meeting with eyewitnesses to understand if you were falsely identified as the at-fault driver. In other circumstances, we will seek to mitigate any potential damages if you simply left not knowing an accident with minimal impact occurred. We will pursue every angle possible to protect your rights and develop an aggressive defense strategy.

Most people when charged with a crime assume they have to go to trial to resolve the case and this is not true. Most of the time our defense lawyers are able to negotiate a very favorable settlement that can keep the charges off your record with no jail time. We also have clients who are truly not guilty of the charge and choose to go to trial to clear their name. If that is the route you choose, our dedicated team is here for you to fight the charges.

Defenses to this charge that can be fought in court may include one or more of the following:

  • The state needs to prove that you knew that you were involved in an accident. Earlier, they only had to show that you knew or should have known you were in an accident but a recent Florida Supreme Court case changed that and made it more difficult to prove these cases.
  • In addition, a defense would be if you were taken to the hospital and unable to call 911 or incapacitated in some way that you didn’t have the ability to report it.
  • While this charge may seem minor, if you are convicted you will have a permanent criminal record and can never seal or expunge this case or any other cases ever. You will also get six points on your driving record that will raise your insurance and cause other issues with the DHSMV.
  • It is important if you are arrested or given a notice to appear on this charge that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney right away to go over your legal options and what choices you have when navigating the court system.

As a former prosecutor, attorney Corey I. Cohen knows what the other side is looking at to convict you. Contact us to learn how how The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates can give you the best chance at avoiding a record.

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