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Charged With Battery Of A Law Enforcement Officer?

Corey I. Cohen, the founder of our Florida criminal defense law firm, brings together his and our defense team’s experience and legal knowledge to defend people accused of battery and other violent offenses. Prior to establishing our law office, Mr. Cohen served as a state prosecutor. Our defense lawyers know how criminal cases are built. We know that additional charges are often added, particularly when it comes to resisting arrest or battery of a law enforcement officer.

Mr. Cohen’s prosecutorial background includes trying cases in the courtroom. As well-prepared criminal defense attorneys, our defenders do not shy away from trial. In many cases, litigation provides the best outcome for clients facing battery of a law enforcement officer. The process allows our defense lawyers to cross-examine police officers to find out what truly happened.

We Are Here To Build A Strong Strategy In Your Defense

The events leading up to and during an arrest can be chaotic. Things can get physical to the point of you suffering serious injuries, only to discover that he or she is being charged with battery of:

  • A law enforcement officer (LEO)
  • A correctional officer
  • A correctional probation officer
  • An auxiliary law enforcement officer
  • An auxiliary correctional officer
  • A county probation officer

While you may think your options are limited in facing such a serious criminal charge, you should still take action and secure the legal advocacy you need. At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates, serving Orange and Seminole counties, we spend time with our clients to understand the circumstances surrounding their arrests. Then we work to build a strong defense strategy.

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If you are facing battery of a law enforcement officer in addition to other serious criminal charges, contact Corey Cohen and Associates at 407-680-2093 for more detailed information about your rights.

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