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There is a misconception that what someone does as a juvenile does not count or affect that person as an adult. This is not true. If your child commits a crime as a juvenile, that crime may stay on his or her record for life. It may affect school, employment and many other opportunities.

After initial arrest, your child will either remain in secure detention for up to 21 days (sometimes longer if the state attorney requests) or be released to home detention. Home detention means the child is on house arrest under the supervision of a parent or guardian. If your child violates any conditions of this release, he or she will remain in secure detention.

Certain juvenile offenses can have serious consequences, including juvenile prison where youths can be kept until they turn 22. They can also be placed on probation until they turn 19, with a curfew, community service, drug and alcohol courses and many more sanctions.

Depending on the severity of the charges, the state can charge your child as an adult. If this happens, your child is subject to the same penalties as any adult defendant and could go to an adult state prison.

As a former juvenile prosecutor, our founder, attorney Corey I. Cohen, has firsthand knowledge of how the system works. His team of lawyers understands the defenses that may be available to get your case dismissed.

The juvenile justice system is much different from the adult system and you need an attorney who can give your child the best chance of success. While the state still has to prove a juvenile case beyond a reasonable doubt, there is no jury system and all trials are in front of a judge.

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