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Probation is costly. When you are on probation, the court will require you to pay court costs, probation costs, criminal restitution and other monetary fines. Probation is also time-consuming. You will be required to perform community service, attend counseling and take courses.

It is possible to petition the court for early termination, and an attorney can be vital in helping you obtain this. The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates is here to help you through the process of obtaining early termination of probation. To schedule your consultation for more information, call us at 407-680-2093 .

We Can Help You Avoid Objections to Early Termination of Probation

Many judges will allow for someone to petition the court to get off probation early once they have completed the conditions that were imposed. However, there are roadblocks in the way of this. The state of Florida will normally object to your release from probation early. If you have violated the terms of your probation, that may present an obstacle as well. Furthermore, the judge will set it for a hearing and ask questions of you as to why you should be removed from probation.

Our job is to help guide you through this process, talk to the state attorney to try and avoid any objections they might have otherwise had.

We will set the hearing with the judge for you and talk to the judge on your behalf.

By terminating your probation early, you not only save money since you do not have to pay for the cost of probation anymore, but you are also free from the constraints of the state and do not risk a violation of that probation that can lead to incarceration.

Mr. Cohen is a member of the Federal CJA panel for the Middle District of Florida. He leads our team of defense attorneys with a broad knowledge base.

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