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Orlando Defense Attorneys for Disorderly Conduct Charges

Police and prosecutors have wide discretion in charging our clients with disorderly conduct. The vague legal definition leaves room for abuse, if not wrongful accusations. At The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates, we counter aggressive police officers and prosecutors with an equal amount of diligence and dedication.

Attorney Corey I. Cohen, the founder of our law firm, combines his criminal defense experience with a thorough and contemporary knowledge of both state and city disorderly conduct statutes. In addition, he is a former prosecutor who once handled disorderly conduct and other criminal cases on the opposing side of the courtroom. His experience is a key part of our firm’s foundation of knowledge. Our track record of results speaks for itself.

What Constitutes Disorderly Conduct?

While disorderly conduct can take various forms and is subject to interpretation, acts that corrupt public morals, outrage the sense of public decency or affect the peace and quiet of witnesses are a criminal offense. Profane language, loud noises, property damage and physical fights can result in serious consequences for the accused.

Our job is to get to the facts of a disorderly conduct criminal charge. That starts with the initial consultation, where we spend time with clients to get their side of the story. From there, we review arrest reports and witness statements. Our defense lawyers have been extensively trained in our founder’s trial skills. His experience as both a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor has helped make all members of our team particularly effective at cross-examining arresting officers. In the end, we fight for the best outcome, even if it involves trying cases involving disorderly conduct.

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