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Do You Qualify For A Specialized Court

Charged with a crime? See if you can qualify for one of the specialized courts.

Many courts throughout Central Florida have what is called specialized courts. They focus on people who have been charged with a crime who have either a drug problem, a mental health issue or are military veterans. These programs will typically result in the case being dismissed once the program is completed.

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Drug Court

Drug court can be either a diversion program where the charges get dropped once its completed or it can be a post plea program which means you are likely on probation and have violated and it’s a way to get the case resolved without a long jail or prison sentence. Orange and Seminole County have a very good drug court program that will really help someone who has an addiction issue and wants help to address that problem. Not everyone qualifies for drug court. You cannot have over 60 points on your score sheet and there cannot be any indication of drug selling plus other things that could disqualify you. Call an experienced attorney at The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates to discuss whether you may qualify.

Mental Health Court

This is also a court where the case will usually be dismissed if you complete the sanctions. This is for individuals who have mental health issues that may have contributed to the crime or criminal activity in the past. If you have ever been diagnosed with a mental health issue or feel like you are suffering and have found yourself in the criminal arena this could be an option to explore with your attorney.

Veterans Court

Like drug court and mental health court, veterans court is a good program for those charged with a crime who are former members of the armed forces and are eligible or receive Veterans’ Administration (VA) benefits. Like other programs offered throughout Orlando and other area courts, this program many times can result in a dismissal of charges. Many of the costs for treatment or other sanctions will be paid for by the VA.

Contact Us To Review Your Options

If you fall in one of the categories described above and want to explore whether you may qualify, contact The Law Office of Corey I. Cohen & Associates at 407-680-2093 or email us directly for a free consultation.

If you complete one of these programs, your case is dismissed and you otherwise qualify, you may be able to get your arrest record and case expunged. We also can help you with getting your case expunged.