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Theft at Disney World

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2013 | Criminal Law

The common misconception is that Disney World will not have you arrested for theft while at the theme parks.   Disney World will almost always have you arrested and seek prosecution if you are caught stealing even a small dollar item.    I have represented numerous clients who were down here on vacation or live here and were visiting the theme parks and were arrested for shoplifting or other crimes.   If you find yourself in this situation and do not hire an attorney you will be required to attend court dates in Florida which you would have to attend in person.  

By hiring an attorney at the Law Office of Corey Cohen we can go to court on your behalf which becomes very important if you live out of the state or out of the country.   In many instances we can resolve your case without you ever having to come to court.  

The goal with these cases is always first and foremost to get them dismissed or keep any sort of conviction off your record and to keep you out of jail.   Even though its a petit theft you could be facing jail time and the charge is one that can be enhanced if you have prior convictions and can be turned into a felony no matter how small the dollar amount if of the item you take.  

Additionally, if you live out of the country there can be immigration consequences if you are convicted or take a plea to any criminal offense and may not be allowed back into the country or if you are here illegally you can be deported as a result. 

Hire an attorney right away if you are arrested or given a notice to appear for a theft charge which at Disney World theme parks and it will result in your best chances of a favorable outcome.