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Tourist Crimes

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2013 | Criminal Law

Tourist Crimes is a area of criminal law that we focus on at the Law Office of Corey Cohen.   Unfortunately when people are in Central Florida on vacation they can get arrested for various charges ranging from shoplifting, DUI, Domestic Battery or other crimes.   The law in central Florida is unique and you need an attorney who has experience here.   Many times when you hire an attorney for a crime as a tourist you will not be required to come back to Florida for those court dates since the lawyer can waive your appearance for most if not all of the court dates and resolve your case in many situations without you having to come to court.

It is important however that you contact an attorney at The Law Office of Corey Cohen right away to discuss your case and your legal rights.   If you fail to appear in court without the assistance of an attorney the Judge will issue a warrant for your arrest.   If you were arrested or given a citation while in Central Florida on vacation contact our office for a free consultation.