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Daughter of Wal-Mart founder has drunk driving arrest expunged

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2013 | DUI Expungement

Residents of Orange County are likely aware of the impact a criminal conviction can have on other areas of one’s life. These individuals may not be aware however, that a conviction is not the only circumstance under which one’s future could be affected. Even just an arrest can have an impact. Individuals who have been arrested could find that the arrest leads to issues with many other aspects of one’s life such as:

  • Loan applications
  • Housing
  • Employment

Fortunately, under certain circumstances an arrest record may be expunged. When this occurs, all records of the arrest are destroyed, freeing that individual of certain constraints.

Recently, the daughter of the founder of Wall-Mart pursued, and was granted, an expungement of a drunk driving arrest. The heiress to Sam Walton’s fortune was arrested in another state, for drunk driving in 2011, but formal charges were never pressed. The fact that the statute of limitations for filing such a claim had run, likely had an impact on the expungement. Another factor may have been the suspension from work, due to another matter, the trooper who arrested the woman faced. That suspension made it impossible for the man to testify.

Most people have a vested interest in keeping their criminal record clean. Because of the complications even just and arrest can have on many aspects of life, it is easy to see why someone might pursue an expungement. In some cases this process may be taken care of over the phone. Contacting a criminal defense lawyer is a good place to start.

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