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A “hit and run” is a scary event that you can’t run from

We have all had this moment: We are driving at night and instead of coming to a complete stop, we slowly go through a stop sign. We hope for the best when we instantly see another car about to hit us and we slam on the brakes or even worse…someone walking across our car’s path.

Recently in Mount Dora, FL, a man was killed when his car was struck by a hit and run driver. Florida Highway Patrol was on the scene of this devastating accident, but the car responsible for the mayhem was nowhere to be found.

The unidentified driver was in a pickup truck when it slammed into the back of the now deceased man’s Lincoln. The Lincoln was struck so violently that it moved down the embankment and rolled over once. Luckily, the passenger in the Lincoln survived, unlike its driver.

The person in the pickup truck? Vanished rather quickly. Eyewitnesses believe they saw either a tan or gray truck.

So why did this person flee? 

Fear? Possibly. When something this tragic occurs, we are usually not in our right minds.

Intoxication? The person being drunk could have added to their poor judgment.

Does this person think they will get away with their crime? They shouldn’t. 

In the state of FL, a “hit and run” is as serious a felony as you can find. Judges and prosecutors don’t take this lightly, especially when a fatality is involved.

Without proper legal advice, you could be looking at, the very least, a loss of your driving privileges and at the worst… anywhere from 5 years to 30 years in prison, depending on felony charge.

Not all of us will be in the same situation as this unknown driver in Mount Dora, but if a similar situation arises, what would you do?



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