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DUI mug shot haunts Florida woman years after her arrest

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2014 | DUI Expungement

When a person is arrested in Florida for allegedly driving drunk, he or she may endure public shaming whether or not the charges even stand. Orlando news organizations are known to publish the names and mug shots of those who are arrested for crimes before they have a chance to defend themselves. Having this information put out into the public arena can greatly affect a person’s career, reputation, and personal life.

One Florida woman has recently sued a background check website for using her DUI mug shot to promote its business. The company reportedly used the 2010 mug shot for witty thumbnail ads. One said, “Sometimes the cute ones aren’t so innocent.”

The woman, now 28, said that she initially found the attention flattering, but the mother of four soon became regretted that this dark time in her life had become so public. People were finding out where she lived as a result of these advertisements, and some people even talked about flying to Florida to visit her.

Her attorney claims that the company,, needs to pay for using her image.

While not everyone’s DUI mug shot ends up being used in advertising, for most people drunk driving arrests do result in permanent records that can have a negative impact on their futures. This is why Florida residents may want to talk to a skilled attorney about the sealing and expungement of their criminal records.

When a criminal record is sealed, whether it relates to an arrest or a conviction, the record is no longer accessible by the public. When a record is expunged, the record is actually physically destroyed.

Those who are interested in the sealing or expungement of criminal records may wish to talk to a skilled attorney about their options.

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