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Prostitution Stings amp up

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2014 | Prostitution Stings

Prostitution stings never get old, do they? This latest news story reminds me of how the “oldest profession” is really the most targeted one by the cops.

About two dozen women and men were arrested in Central Florida as part of an undercover sting targeting “prostitution” ads that were found online. 

Prostitution stings always seem to have a clever name attached to them. This sting was called “Operation Call Me Maybe”. It had undercover agents posting online ads offering sex. Not only did they promise sex with women, they claimed they also provided “two girl specials”. Wow, what a deal! Sounds like a sex drive-through. Want french fries with your sexual intercourse?

Many of the men were arrested at the hotel for the supposed “hookup”. There were even some men who traveled out of the state of FL.

In a spin-off of this sex sting operation, male agents responded to online sex ads posted by women. The ladies were arrested for allegedly offering these undercover agents “sex for money”.

What hurts some of these women’s cases is the fact that they have prior prostitution arrests. How can a defense attorney handle a case like this?

It is important to study these bogus ads people find on Craigslist or Backpage. “Trolling” is a popular internet forum term and law enforcement have become masters of this cyber art. They often troll sites that highlight “sensual massage” or “escort services” or even “companionship”. 

No matter how innocently you may have come across these sites, the authorities don’t care. You need a law firm like ours urgently. These charges need to be fought aggressively and swiftly as possible. We will investigate every inch of this type of case and make sure you avoid jail and the dreaded sex offender register list.

Prostitution sex stings leave their mark.