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Florida man found asleep at the wheel is charged with DUI

Different people react to alcohol in different ways, and the amount required to affect an individual’s behavior varies from one person to the next. This can make it difficult to ascertain how much a person’s judgment may have been impaired by intoxication. However, limits are enforced by law to discourage people from driving under the influence. In Florida, the legal limit for blood alcohol content is 0.08.

Early one Monday morning in Deltona, a 36-year-old man participated in two breath tests after being found unconscious at the wheel of his car. A witness claimed to have seen the man’s vehicle remain stationary at a traffic light although the light had changed several times. When deputies arrived on the scene, it took several minutes for them and accompanying paramedics to wake the unconscious driver.

The driver, who had been found with a burrito in hand, allegedly remained unconscious while authorities broke his car window. Once the attending deputies and paramedics had roused him, they were able to carry out breath tests. The first reading came back at 0.173 and the second at 0.177. Each of these results is more than double the state’s legal limit, and the driver was subsequently charged on suspicion of driving under the influence.

For this man in Florida, the breath test results could have severe repercussions. However, such measurements are not always accurate, nor do they always culminate in a conviction. If you have been charged in relation to a blood alcohol test result, all is not lost. With the correct guidance and careful handling of your case, you can give yourself the best chance of combating charges and avoiding serious penalties.

Source: Huffington Post, “Drunk Driver Found Asleep At Wheel With Burrito In Hand; Cops,” April 01, 2014



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