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From Facebook “Friend” To Murder Suspect

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2014 | Murder Suspect

One minute you are a Facebook friend, the next minute you become a murder suspect. 

Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites have plenty of positives. It gives people the opportunity to keep in touch with family members and old friends. But what happens when an argument occurs in the cyber world? You would think nothing major, right? Wrong.

A perfect example recently happened in Jacksonville, when a pregnant woman was shot in the stomach after a fight that started on Facebook. Things quickly went from snarky comments to violent actions.

The victim went to the home of the eventual shooter and their heated argument went from keyboard to verbal. Police say the woman at her home intentionally shot the pregnant woman in the stomach. The unborn child died, while the victim survived.

The shooter is facing a murder charge for taking away this woman’s unborn child. Does this murder suspect have any chance at all in a court of law? Surprisingly, yes she does.

Remember that it was the victim who confront the shooter at the shooter’s home. Was she protecting herself? How do the authorities know for sure that she was aiming for the unborn child? How well did these two women know one another? Is it possible the shooter wasn’t aware of the pregnancy? These are all aspects a defense attorney must look at closely. 

This case does remind us that altercations, even “small ones” on the internet, can lead to deadly results. There are more important things in life than arguing online. I believe both women have learned an important, tragic lesson. 



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