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James Franco stars in “Age Of Consent: Sex Crimes Edition”

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2014 | Sex Crimes

Celebrities don’t want sex crimes attached to their name, just like the rest of us “normal” citizens. Especially if it means getting caught having sex with someone who is underaged. Just look at what almost happened to actor/writer/poet/student/professor James Franco.

Franco tried to arrange a “hookup” with a 17 year-old girl from Scotland while on Instagram. The young lady was on vacation in New York City and attended Franco’s play. 

In case you are wondering whether it was someone pretending to be Franco, the girl asked for photo proof twice and the actor was eager to provide it. To the actor’s credit, he did state he would much rather “see” her if she were 18 and not 17. Most of their chat can be seen here.

While the 35 year-old won’t be getting into any legal trouble, if you are ever in the same situation as him, you might need a skilled attorney to get you out of this mess.

Innocent “flirting” online with a minor isn’t to be taken lightly. While you might not see it as a sex crime, the state might disagree. If you have been accused of solicitation of a minor or child/internet pornography, you should contact our law firm. We have defended numerous clients who have been unjustly charged with a sex crime.

The stigma of this charge can haunt you for years. If you believe you are under investigation for the solicitation of a minor or any other similar sex charge, you need to contact us ASAP.

James Franco dodged a bullet, and we will make sure you do as well.



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