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Lying about your age for sex with a minor

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2014 | Sex Crimes

Lying about your age might seem harmless when you do it, but it is devastating when it comes to a story like this one.

A 37 year-old man, pretending to be 21 years-old, was arrested in Clermont, FL, for having a sexual relationship with a 13 year-old girl.

After at least two sexual encounters (they met online), the girl’s mother called the police. The mother allowed investigators to pose as her daughter online in order to trap the man.

Third time was not going to be the charm.

When he got online, thinking he was chatting with his teenage lover, he recounted their past intimate encounters and asked when the girl’s mother would be out of the house. 

The police were waiting for him when he rode his bike up to the house. He was arrested and held overnight in Orange County jail without bail.

As you can imagine, any sex crime involving a child is extremely serious. Depending on the charge, a person in this type of predicament can end up in jail for years. To make matters worse, you might have to register as a sex offender as well.

If in this situation, you’ll need an attorney who has worked on cases like this before. It’s critical to investigate the case and then work tirelessly to negotiate with the prosecutors for a potential dismissal or reduction in charges.

Sex crime charges can be humiliating as the facts become very public. It is important to distance yourself from some of the embarrassing details and focus on giving your attorney every bit of vital info. It might just be your best way out of jail.



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