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Murder Suspect or Wrong Place At The Wrong Time?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2014 | Murder Suspect

Being at the wrong place at the wrong time. It sounds like the start of an action flick, but this can happen in real life to any one of us. For a man in Ocoee, FL, this exact situation might apply.

This man may or may not be involved the mysterious death of a Cheri Houston.

The previously unidentified man was spotted on camera at the same Walmart as Cheri Houston. According to authorities, the man’s vehicle was also identified out in the parking lot. 

Investigators are trying to solve the puzzle of Cheri Houston’s death. Her body was found in the woods of Clermont 10 days ago. But what does her death have to do with a man who happened to be at the same store as her before she went missing?

A good defense attorney can prove that a man like this is innocent of any potential charges. In fact, the news reports show that Ms. Houston had a lot more red flags in her life than the mysterious man on camera. She had been homeless for some time now, as well as having a long history of drug abuse. While her tough life and untimely death are tragic, grasping at straws to find her killer does no one any good.

Who knows? Maybe this potential suspect turns out to be the killer of Cheri Houston, but until he is charged it is unfair to think of him as “guilty”.

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