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No One Is Above The Law

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2014 | Criminal Law

That old moral question of “who will police the police?” becomes reality far too often.

Investigators discovered new details about a former Seminole County deputy who is now in serious trouble with the law. He was using databases to search more than 200 names in the Sheriff’s Office system, including checking out information on random celebrities.

Officials are making sure that this deputy never works in law enforcement again. It’s frightening to know that some members of law enforcement can’t be trusted. 

Sheriff’s officials said he searched for information on 11 unidentified celebrities; more than 120 former (as well as current) Seminole County Sheriff’s Office employees, their friends, and family members. He also checked out info on women with whom he previously had romantic relationships with.

The investigation into this deputy started about a year ago. Authorities were initially tipped off after the ex-deputy reportedly searched for information on a child protection investigator.

They noticed patterns and asked him why he was running so many names in the system. In the report, investigators wrote that he said he would look up people to see whom he was planning to meet, or because he was just curious.

Not sure if he is really this blunt or incredibly stupid, or perhaps a bit of both. It’s hard to believe he was with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office for four years before he had to re-signed.

While one bad apple shouldn’t ruin the reputation of an entire group of law officers, it does raise some serious questions. That’s why a defense attorney investigates every detail of his client’s arrest. You never know when that one bad apple rots the whole case. 



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