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Perfect Example of “Stand Your Ground”

No matter what your opinion on “Stand Your Ground” is, it can be used as a reasonable defense in many cases. Just like this one.

Early yesterday morning, a homeowner in Winter Haven, FL shot and killed a home intruder. The home owner fired a warning shot first to deter the burglar. But that didn’t stop him. The intruder continued to work his way through the back door of the home. Then, once inside, he lunged at the homeowner. The homeowner did not hesitate to fire. He shot the potential theft at least once in the torso.

Police confirmed that the homeowner tried to scare off the burglar by firing a warning shot and when that did not work, had no other choice but to protect himself from danger.

This homeowner had four other family members in his home. While we see and hear many cases like this where some people get a little trigger happy, I think we can all side with this homeowner’s situation. 

This is a perfect example of how “Stand Your Ground” or “Castle Domain” should work. You have every right to protect yourself and your loved ones from a home invader.

As perfectly fine as this all sounds, if you are ever in this situation, remember you will still need an attorney. After all, right or wrong, you have taken a human life.

What if you use a gun without having a proper concealed weapons permit? Our law firm has handled countless “Stand Your Ground” cases. Know your legal rights when it comes to protecting yourself.



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