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Promoting equals Prostitution?

No matter what business you are in, you are always rubbing elbows and networking. Yes, even if you are involved in the “oldest profession”. 

You may see some very interesting flyers and business cards around town. They don’t exactly say it, but you kind of get the idea when it states something about having a “good time” or needing “companionship”.

It is hard out there for a promoting prostitute. 

Police forces are as aggressive as ever when it comes to busting up prostitution. They are not hesitating when it comes to charging prostitutes. It is made even easier for cops when prostitutes are actively promoting. 

It doesn’t matter if you think you belong to a sophisticated “call girl” or “escort” service, you need a criminal defense attorney to defend you and protect you. 

It is important you remember every detail of the arrest. Did the officer legally do everything properly while making the arrest? Did the officer engage in entrapment?

Our law firm has the experience, the knowledge and the passion to fight these charges. 



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