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Battery or “bad touch”?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2014 | Battery

Massage parlors and criminal defense seem to go hand in hand these days, if you will excuse the pun.

A few days ago, a Volusia County masseur was charged with inappropriately touching a woman getting a massage. It all began when the female customer went to a health spa in the Volusia Mall for a massage. She told the investigators that approximately forty minutes into her massage, that the masseur asked her to lay on her back and he began touching her in inappropriately all over her body.

The woman immediately left and then called police. He was charged with battery and released on bond. He told authorities that she asked him to “touch her” in those spots. 

Was this just an innocent form of miscommunication? Or was he deliberately molesting her? A defense attorney will have to examine how the events all led up to her feeling violated by this man. 

This type of case is not new. Although it’s usually a different type of case. A few months ago, undercover agents busted two women who worked at a massage parlor in Winter Park, FL. The investigators said that the establishment was a front for prostitution and they had been looking into it for many months.

It didn’t take long for the agents to figure out something was wrong when they started looking into the allegations. They saw online customer reviews that indicated the business was offering sex for money.

Two alleged crimes in the same type of business. Yet, these two tales seem opposite. Either way, whether it’s miscommunication or not, spa employees need to have legal representation when something like this occurs. 

It can not only harm you legally, but also professionally.