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Dog Fighting Bust

On Behalf of | May 28, 2014 | Criminal Law

Just when you thought “dog fighting” was over with, a case like this pops up to remind you how serious a legal issue it can be. And you don’t even need to say Michael Vick’s name fast three times for it to happen.

26 people are facing felony charges following a large dog fighting ring bust in Apopka, FL. The bust went down last night at a home where the police had been investigating for over two months. Over that time they discovered that this fighting ring had become a pretty sophisticated operation. Police said as many as 40 people were there when they raided the home, including children as young as 5 years old. Officers used stun guns on four people as some suspects tried to flee. Seven people were taken to the hospital.

This dog fighting organization was spread out from Seminole to Volusia county. The dogs weren’t aggressive toward people initially, but they were trained to kill other dogs. Orange County Animal Services seized some of the dogs but there are still at least ten dogs inside the home and some are still inside cages. Police said dogs used in previous fights are believed to be buried in the yard.

Dog fighting ring wasn’t the only illegal activity going on there. A marijuana grow house was also found at the home. Police are obtaining a search warrant to take the drugs, evidence and remaining dogs out of the house.

Cases like this are never easy for a defense attorney. This is a nation full of dog owners who adore their pets and the public opinion is, of course, negative against anyone involved in these activities. Michael Vick still has protesters to this day.