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Indecent Exposure charge comes with stigma

On Behalf of | May 27, 2014 | Indecent Exposure

Being accused of “indecent exposure” and the term “social stigma” go hand in hand. A sex crime, like being charged for indecent exposure, seems to be tried in the court of public opinion before the accused ever has their day in court. When news breaks of an arrest of this nature, it can become the news of the day and something family and friends have to suffer through.

An indecent exposure conviction can include fines, lengthy jail time and even a lifetime registration as a sex offender. Besides all these punishments, the true penalty comes in the form of embarrassment. Charges of exposing sexual organs in a public place or on private property will require the skills of an experienced and caring defense attorney. A lawyer needs to understand that a client charged with this crime can have their world forever changed. The lawyer must brace their client for the worst. Being an alleged “pervert” means people will view them as being vulgar and reprehensible. While that can be the worst part of it, their attorney can remind that there is some good news. Many “indecent exposure” cases are just a simple case of misunderstanding. These are no longer the days of being a “flasher”. 

The wild thing is, this crime is more common than you think, and you may have gotten away with it before. A lot of people have been guilty at some point or another of this. Ever changed your clothes on a beach or at a public pool? Have you ever urinating outside? Or exposed your breasts in a public place, like during a Mardi Gras-type of event or at a music concert? All of this can be considered indecent exposure.