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Probation violations

You would be surprised at how many probation violations occur during one day in court. Defense attorneys are always making jail visits to consult with their clients who have been arrested on charges of violating their probation. A lot of these involve violating terms of community control…also known as, “house arrest”.

The reason defense lawyers make these jail visits is because when the offender is arrested and placed on a no-bond hold, the offender must stay in jail until the hearing is scheduled to decide if they did violate the terms of their probation. After a bond hearing, lawyers usually like to conduct their own independent investigation. This results in an extensive examination of police reports and interviewing witnesses, in order to help build a defense to the charge of probation violation. For example, perhaps the client failed a drug test which led to his or her probation violation, it might be discovered that the testing equipment wasn’t working properly. Or what if the violation stems from failing to pay some fines and it’s because the client is going through some financial hardships and is unable to make payments?

Some of the most mundane daily events we take for granted in life could lead to someone violating their probation requirements. The best way to avoid probation violations is to stay on top of all the info, with help from your attorney. Simple things to remember are not changing your home address without permission, not to miss or be late to a probation meeting and never bail out on doing your court-ordered courses. If you can avoid these issues, and if you listen to what your lawyer says, you should have no problem.



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