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Reading More Than Palms

On Behalf of | May 20, 2014 | Battery

Sanford, FL police arrested a man who groped several women while “reading their palms” outside of a Walmart. Police say the man approached women in the parking lot and would either ask to read their palm, or in some cases, just grab their hands and started reading it. Before the women knew it, he had slipped his hands into their shirts. Officers became suspicious after receiving calls from two different women. One of the women had her little child there.

Another victim claimed that he read her palm in the Walmart parking lot. He then convinced her to sit inside his car before reaching down her shirt to feel her chest. Can we also arrest this woman for being a fool?

Police located the man inside the Walmart and arrested him on two counts of battery. How did he respond to these allegations? He said he reaches into people’s shirts to feel their heartbeats during the readings.

While you can file this under “stupid criminal”, it’s amazing how brazen this man was. Also shocked none of the women slapped him or kicked him in a very privately location on his body.

His defense attorney will have to explain his client’s odd behavior during this incident. It is possible that if he is found guilty, he might have to register as a sex offender, as well as pay a heavy fine. It will be interesting to learn if this was an isolated incident, or does this man have a history of sexually molesting females in this manner.