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Rock Star Sentenced to 6 Years for Murder-for-Hire Plot

On Behalf of | May 17, 2014 | Criminal Law

The music industry can be a real killer, but nothing like this lead singer.

Tim Lambesis, lead singer for the band As I Lay Dying, was sentenced to six years in prison for his role in a murder-for-hire plot to kill his wife. Last February, the singer pleaded guilty to soliciting an undercover cop to murder Meggan Lambesis, the singer’s wife of eight years prior with whom he adopted three children with. He faced up to nine years in prison, but the judge handed down six year sentence, which included a 48-day credit for custody already served.

His wife had been suspicious about his behavior before all of this was uncovered. The day before he was apprehended, he had text her for social security information about their three adopted children and was constantly joking about his favorite line from the movie Total Recall, when Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character shoots his wife and says, “Consider this a divorce.”

Maybe these aren’t dead giveaways, but certainly some odd behavior. Police solicitation is nothing new here. Authorities are posing as hitmen more and more often. You never know who you are cohorting with nowadays. 



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