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Arrest ruins vacation

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2014 | Criminal Law

Coming to the “Sunshine State” means a vacation full of fun. Of course, nothing ruins a FL vacation like being arrested. Forget about having to spend your free time dealing with the police and making bail, you also have to worry about taking additional time off from work to return to Florida to attend a criminal hearing. That’s worse than laying out in the sun for too long!

Can you imagine going to jail in a different state, all because you may have had some illegal fun while on your vacation months before? This can become extremely costly and inconvenient. When you are unfamiliar with an area and its laws, you better find a criminal defense attorney right away.  

One important lesson to remember is that the police won’t care that you are an “out of towner”. If you think you can talk your away out of an arrest just because you are new to town, think again. Local law enforcement doesn’t care where you are from, or that you may not understand the laws of the city you are vacationing in. Their decision whether to arrest you or not is just like any other citizen that runs afoul of the law.  

This can be a humiliating process but with the proper legal advice, whether it is for drinking and driving or maybe soliciting a prostitute, you can put this nightmare vacation and criminal charges in your past. So either think twice about any risky choices you might make when you are out of your comfort zone, or be prepared to find a lawyer to get you out of your legal vacation jam.