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Arrested for BB gun

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2014 | Criminal Law

We live in a very gun-aware society. So while this story doesn’t sound too serious, you must remember the kind of world we live in today.

Daytona Beach police arrested a student after he allegedly brought his BB gun onto the Daytona State College and brandished the weapon. The 20 year-old told another student that he had a pistol concealed in his backpack. He’s accused of brandishing the weapon, racking the slide several times and proudly announcing that he could hold someone up with it. The witness said that the student even started banging the weapon on the table where they were sitting.

Of course, with all the school shootings in the news nowadays, you can’t take anything too lightly. As soon as the student left the table, the witness informed an administrator, who immediately contacted the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies searched the area for the gun-toting student and were able to locate him quickly. He attempted to walk away from the authorities as he dropped his backpack on the ground.

The weapon that was found was a Walther CC99 CO2-powered BB gun. Not a real firearm, but these days can we take a risk? The student was charged with the exhibition of a weapon on school grounds and transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail. This isn’t a charge you hear about often. This offense has its roots in the common law crime of “brandishing”. It is usually applied as a “lesser” of aggravated assault. His defense lawyer shouldn’t have a problem getting this dismissed, but it is a reminder of how we need to act in public.