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Barber Shop turns Strip Club

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2014 | Criminal Law

Talk about a close shave! The owner of a Pine Hills barber shop turned his establishment into an illegal strip club, which included some dancers who were minors. Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation agents raided the business early Sunday morning, arresting the owner and a 17-year old girl “working” there as a stripper. Arrest warrants have also been issued for two other girls accused of being strippers. Authorities are checking out their ages as well.

MBI agents began investigating this business after the agency and Crimeline received several complaints about the illegal operation from neighboring businesses and area residents. It seems that the owner not only engaged in illegal activity, but wasn’t very subtle about it either. The shop had a stripper pole, a bar and the barber chairs were moved away to make space for a DJ system and “club” seating. It appears that this was done on only on weekends and after normal barber shop hours.

The owner charged patrons $10 cover to enter and the agents found at least 12 people outside the parking lot, drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. The owner was arrested on several misdemeanor charges including illegally selling alcohol and allowing a worker to engage in nudity. I’m not sure where a defense attorney should begin with a case like this. “Hiring” an underaged girl to dance at an illegal strip club is sort of a double whammy. The evidence is piled up high like a mountain, but if the agents didn’t investigate properly, then there is still a way out for the owner and his defense team.