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Burglaries committed by teens

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2014 | Burglary, Juvenile

As adults, we can look back on our lives and think of all the stupid things we did as teenagers. When you are a minor, it doesn’t mean that everything you do will go unpunished. If there is a positive to being arrested as a minor, it’s that juveniles have the same rights to a legal defense as adults do.

Case in point, investigators with the Maitland (FL) Police Department have been investigating the burglary of several communities over the past few months. After this lengthy investigation, authorities mounted enough evidence to arrest two juvenile suspects. The police believe these two are responsible for numerous robberies in the area and abroad. The property that was stolen has been recovered from the homes of both suspects and they are currently being held for further questioning. Investigators believe the suspects have done this before, as they have evidence that the two minors have committed numerous residential burglaries in multiple counties. The police are continuing their investigation into the relationship between these juvenile suspects and their possible connection to other burglaries.

Just because these two aren’t 18 years-old doesn’t mean they will get off easy. The prosecution will focus their case on the juveniles’ potential past criminal history. A defense attorney will need to have experience in dealing with the juvenile justice system. The juveniles can be forced to pay fines, undergo counseling, and possibly even work in a youth service program or weekend detention program or spend time in a juvenile detention center/home.