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Helping ex-cons find work

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2014 | Criminal Law

It’s bad enough you lose your freedom when you are sentenced to some lengthy jail time, but losing all hope when it comes to finding work, after prison, is just as awful. When you have a criminal record it is not easy to find a job. Even if the charges are dropped or dismissed, the arrest can still show up. 

How can you get past all this and even get a criminal arrest off your record? With the help and guidance from a dedicated defense attorney. If you were arrested and had the charges dropped before your trial, you could be eligible to have the case expunged. This means that a potential employer will never know you were arrested for a criminal offense. However, if you took a plea or were found guilty to a criminal offense, you might be eligible to have the charges sealed. Then employers won’t ever know about the charges/arrests. No one will be able to see your charges without a court order.

Job hunting is hard enough when you have a clean record. For those who are ex-convicts, there is some unnecessary shame when you are looking for work. When you are filling out a job application, honesty remains the best policy. The good news is that nowadays employers allow you to tell your side of the arrest story. While it might hurt to dwell on some past criminal mistakes, at least by coming clean you and your potential employer will understand one another a lot better.