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Legal fireworks

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2014 | Criminal Law

Did you know that exploding fireworks are illegal? Yup, just in time for the 4th of July. 

So when you invite people over, fire up the grill, knock down a few Budweisers, please remember to celebrate properly. When it comes to celebrating using some pyrotechnics, Florida law prohibits any fireworks that fly through the air or explode. Kind of narrows it down, doesn’t it? These include such fireworks as “bottle rockets” and “Roman candles”. Enforcing this law can be complicated. Usually the police will only respond if a resident complains about a neighbor’s fireworks. Arrests for this offense are rare, since an officer has to witness the explosion take place in order to make an arrest and/or confiscate the explosives. 

Some police forces increase patrols in areas known for illegal firework activity, but in an odd twist, according to FL state law you can use fireworks to scare off birds from farms or fish hatcheries. As if the law weren’t already confusing.

The bottom line is to just be safe and remember not to over-do it when it comes to trying to light up the Summer sky. While you probably won’t go to jail for being caught with illegal fireworks, it never hurts to ask a lawyer first.  



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