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Speed Traps No Longer A Secret

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2014 | Speeding Tickets

Florida has become the go-to state for “speed traps”. In case you didn’t know, speed traps are done in an area of the road where police can remain hidden in order to detect vehicles going over the speed limit. The police typically use radar for detection.

Drivers who are accustomed to the area hate them and try to stay aware of them, while tourists are oblivious and usually end up paying for it. Some towns in the state of Florida have become so skilled at setting up these traps that they place rapidly decreasing speed limit signs close together and have patrols regularly looking for speeding cars. It’s a traffic ticket making machine! And don’t bother thinking it only happens at the end of the month, or the “going with the flow of traffic” defense will work.

Of course, the best legal advice is to drive slowly and safely, and watch your speed carefully in those areas notorious for speed traps. Speeding tickets can occur for even the best and most responsible drivers. And while you may think paying the speeding ticket is the best course of action, remember that speeding violations will add points to your driving record and can lead to your insurance rate rising. You may want to hire a defense lawyer with experience in handling traffic violations. A lot of times, due to radar malfunction or improper angles taken by the cop, you can have the ticket dismissed. That sure beats paying a fine, plus adding points to your license and giving more money to your insurance company.