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Could your driver’s license be suspended without you knowing?

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2014 | Red Light Camera

It would be a heart-stopping moment. You open up your mail and find a letter saying you have had your driver’s license suspended due to failing to pay for a “red light camera violation”. Sadly, in the state of Florida, this is happening far too often.

In just Orlando alone, thousands of drivers have had their license suspended because they failed to pay a red light camera ticket. New records show that nearly 50,000 drivers in FL have had their license suspended in the last year for failure to pay. Nearly 8,000 are in the Orlando and central Florida area.

The good news is, many lawmakers and politicians believe that red light cameras (RLC) are wrong and possibly even illegal. An argument can be made that these “stop light cameras” violate constitutional rights. There are major flaws in the system. Red light cameras usually only get your license plate number. It’s hard to prove that you were the actual driver of the car that “went through” a red light.

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Attorney Corey Cohen explains to WFTV Channel 9 how your driver’s license might be suspended without your knowledge



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