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Orlando police search for fleeing driver

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2014 | Criminal Law

This could have been straight out of an action movie, but instead it was a dangerous car crash on the streets of Orlando.

Three people are recovering in the hospital after a car that they were in was hit by an Orlando Fire Engine. Police say the driver of the car appeared as if he was slowing down, but then suddenly sped up.The driver went through a stop sign and sped off. At that exact moment, the Orlando Fire Department’s Engine 7 was headed with their lights and horn on responding to a call. The front of the engine hit the side of the car. The driver got out of the car and ran away. The three passengers he left behind were taken to the hospital in stable condition.

If and when caught, the driver of the car will be facing numerous charges. Fleeing and Eluding is a very serious felony charge in the state of Florida. Judges and prosecutors, depending on the factual circumstances, will look to punish the defendant to the fullest extent of the law. This individual could be looking at a third degree felony. That carries up to five years in prison and a potential $5,000 fine. There are aggravated circumstances which could make the charge a second or first degree felony (such as the events causing a fatality), which is punishable up to 15 years and 30 years in prison. While the worst thing you can do right after an accident is run up and leave, you can at least contact a lawyer to start building up your case. For this driver in Orlando, they will need one hell of an excuse for their behavior.