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Steps To Expunging A Criminal Arrest

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2014 | Criminal Law

You can’t let a past legal incident effect your future employment, or your education and licensing opportunities. There are proper steps to take in order to remove this legal nightmare for good.

An expungement of your criminal record allows you to have the court order that the criminal records related to any arrest or conviction be physically destroyed. This means that the courts, the prosecutor, as well as any law enforcement agency that possess your criminal records, whether it be physical or electronic, must destroy them. If you can get this done, then it means it would be impossible for anyone to learn about the facts of your legal run-ins. 

Someone who has been arrested is compelled to truthfully fill out a job application, explaining if and why he or she was arrested. After having your criminal record expunged, you’re allowed to lawfully deny the arrests/conviction covered by the expungement when you fill out a form. That certainly lifts a weight off a lot of shoulders. 

Some people in this situation might not think paying an attorney to do this for them is worth it. They should really reconsider that type of thinking. Under Florida law, a major reason why a criminal record expungement is vital is because your arrest record remains publicly accessible. This occurs even if the charges were dismissed. If people are worried about it being a hassle to hire a lawyer to handle this, remember that usually applications to seal or expunge a criminal record can be completed by one telephone conversation with your attorney or by simply emailing the law office.