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Understanding Florida’s ignition interlock requirements, Part 2

Last week, we discussed an issue that might be on the minds of Florida residents currently facing the prospect of charges for driving under the influence. More often than not, driver’s license suspension is an automatic penalty associated with DUI conviction.

As a quick recap, Florida residents must have an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicle if they have their license reinstated early for work. At the same time, interlock devices are even mandated for those with multiple DUI convictions when they’re finally allowed to drive again.

Not only are some drivers required to have an interlock device installed to be able to legally drive, but they also have to pay the expenses related to the device. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles itemizes the interlock-related expenses as follows:

  • Installation: The initial installation of the device costs more than $95.
  • Monitoring: The state charges $72.50 in order to check in on device usage.
  • Insurance: In order to insure the device while in use, the individual must pay $5.
  • Removal: An individual must pay $25 to have the device removed once the condition of the court-ordered sentence lapses.

The expense of the ignition interlock device is more than $200 alone, which is added to a host of other financial costs associated with driving under the influence.

More than anything, this breakdown of interlock-related costs is a reminder that the penalties associated with drunk driving in Florida should always be taken seriously. This is something our firm keenly understands, as our record of handling DUI cases demonstrates.

Those who are facing DUI charges have the ability to launch a defense against the charges and the sentence that accompanies conviction. Effectively handling this aspect of the criminal process requires someone who understands proven legal strategies and the rights afforded to every Florida resident.

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