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Understanding the importance of DUI expungement, sealed records

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2014 | DUI Expungement

Having any type of criminal record can spawn future difficulties. Namely, a person with a mark on his or her record may have trouble becoming employed or renting property. The unfortunate reality is that even an arrest without a conviction can taint a person’s record.

Knowing how big of an impact criminal records can have on basic aspects of life, being proactive becomes all the more important. Specifically, individuals can look at the possibility of having their records sealed or expunged.

In effect, sealing and expunging records are similar, but there are some critical differences. If a person has a record of arrest sealed, that information will literally be sealed shut. This prevents public access to this record and individuals can safely say that they weren’t arrested. On the other hand, expunging an arrest means that the record will be physically destroyed.

Without going through this process, a person’s arrest record will remain public information. This means that someone can be acquitted of driving under the influence, but the arrest will still be visible to the public. As such, DUI charges can have a major impact on individuals even if they don’t result in conviction.

Of course, record sealing or expungement is not something that will happen automatically. Furthermore, those considering this process will quickly realize how difficult and complex it is. Thankfully, it is not something that has to be completed alone.

Our firm has a strong handle on Florida’s laws and policies regarding record sealing and expungement. As a result, we know exactly what it takes to clear a person’s arrest record for drunk driving. Upon taking a look at the details of a case, we can work alongside individuals who would like to clear their name and move forward.

To learn more, please visit our firm’s sealing and expungement page.



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