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Ignoring Traffic Violations

The recent news about NBA star Dwight Howard’s 27 unpaid traffic tickets is a reminder to all drivers about how serious it is when you ignore these violations.

The basketball star had his Florida driver’s license suspended after he failed to pay a ticket for running a red light. But there was much more to it than that. Howard was ticketed 10 times for running red lights in the Orlando area, and received four speeding tickets, 12 citations for failing to pay highway tolls and one citation for failing to change his address on his driver’s license. While all of these violations are civil traffic infractions, they can still cause trouble when they are ignored. His license has been suspended since at least August 15th after he failed to pay $285 for an April violation in Winter Park, FL. 

Not everyone can be an NBA star and not have to worry about the serious ramifications of traffic violations. Speeding tickets will add points to your driving record, raise your auto insurance, and multiple violations could result in the loss of your driver’s license. Red Light Camera violations have become a real pain in the butt. The method of catching drivers running red lights has been controversial, and possibly even unconstitutional, throughout Florida. If you’ve been accused of driving through an E-Pass or a SunPass lane without paying at the toll booth, that one toll violation can lead to a hefty fine and up to three points being added to your driver’s license.

With the help of a traffic attorney, all three of these traffic violations can be taken care of and you won’t have to worry about points or insurance hikes. But if you put off either fighting these violations, or refusing to pay the fines, then you could be looking at a suspended license. Don’t hesitate to eliminate these pesky violations. 



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