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Stiff penalties for Domestic Violence

Thanks to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s tough stance on domestic violence, it seems that this issue is now at the forefront of not just the sports world, but also of everyday life. With the Ray Rice situation and the upcoming situation involving Ray McDonald, it’s important to understand just how serious a charge like domestic violence is. Remember, not everyone can be a famous athlete when they are charged.

The legal consequences of a domestic violence conviction can be staggering. If the abuse or battery are severe, you could get jail time, not to mention the loss of the right to enter your own home (if you share it with the alleged victim). And if you have children you could lose your right to see them. The good news for someone accused of this crime is that the majority of domestic violence cases involve very little evidence. This gives your defense attorney something to work with, since prosecutors need more to work with than just “he said, she said”. Without enough physical evidence, the chances of having your charges dismissed can be raised. Your lawyer will be able to expose holes in the prosecution’s case. 

Even if you can avoid jail time, you might still have to take court ordered anger management courses. Of course, the best way to avoid all of this is to try to stay calm during tense arguments with a loved one. One mistake can cost you your freedom and rights. Even though the prosecution will try to make you out to be a monster, you and your defense team have the responsibility to tell your side of the story.



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