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The importance of legal representation

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2014 | Criminal Law

We take many things for granted in our life, but one thing we should never take for granted is the right to legal representation. Over in Fort Lauderdale, FL, some of our citizens are being denied the right to an attorney.

Many homeless people who have been arrested, are spending days and days in jail without ever receiving legal council. This gross injustice goes overlooked due to the fact that we don’t value the lives of the homeless like we normally should. They’re human beings just like the rest of us and the fact that they go days without legal representation is absurd. 

These homeless citizens have been jailed for days for crimes like “aggressive panhandling” and “trespassing”. Of course, they can’t hire an attorney because they don’t have the financial resources to do so…but what about the court providing them with a public defender? The homeless have constitutional rights and shouldn’t be jailed for days over such minor offenses. 

Besides this travesty involving the homeless, there are some people who wave their right to legal council. This is a huge error. Some people try to save legal fees by not taking legal representation. Not having your attorney with you at court will have you paying more, legally speaking. If you compromise your rights and interests over prices, you will find yourself more likely in prison. Is it really worth saving some money on legal fees? The homeless rarely have a choice, but most of us do. If you are in legal trouble, you can’t hesitate. Contact a defense lawyer right away.



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