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Special considerations relating to Florida underage DUI arrests

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2015 | Drivers License Suspension And Revocation

Any late-night phone call or knock on the door to Florida parents waiting for their teenage son or daughter to return with the family car at the end of a night out can be tense.

Of course, parents simply worry, first and foremost about their child’s safety. They can remember that their behind-the-wheel skills were not fully refined when they first began to drive, and they know that the same is logically true regarding the young driver in their family.

Just as an auto accident is never far from the minds of many parents, concern that a teen motorist might be drinking and driving is also worrisome to many moms and dads.

And for good reason.

Aside from the heightened safety risks that driving after drinking obviously presents for teens, there are also other potentially serious issues that attend a drunk driving arrest.

Like conviction, for instance.

That is of course an immediate concern, with conviction giving rise to myriad adverse outcomes. Those include license suspension or revocation; spiked insurance rates or an outright denial of coverage; imposed community service; loss of job opportunities; the inability to apply to certain colleges or for scholarships; and a host of other possibilities.

We are fully aware of all the adverse outcomes that might attach to a Florida DUI conviction for an underage drinker. We address them on the Orlando Underage Drinking Defense page of our website, with attorney Corey I. Cohen using his experience both defending and prosecuting hundreds of DUI cases to work on behalf of young people to mitigate adverse criminal outcomes following a drunk driving arrest.

Mitigation is important to a child who faces criminal charges after making a mistake, especially given that young person’s potential to live a long and productive life.

Our firm certainly operates under that premise, and we welcome contacts from Florida residents with questions or concerns regarding juvenile-related DUI incidents.