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Petit Theft

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2015 | Petit Theft

Petit theft is typically a misdemeanor theft charge in the State of Florida.   A second degree petit theft means the value of the items taken were less than 100 dollars whereas a first degree petit theft means the value is 100-299 dollars.   Or you can get charged with a first degree theft if you have a prior petit theft conviction even if the amount is less than 100 dollars.

Anything 300 dollars or more is a grand theft which starts at a third degree felony and goes up in severity based on the amount of the theft.   

If you have two or more theft convictions then any petit theft offense can be charged as a felony and you could be looking at prison time or becoming a convicted felon which can result in the loss of your civil rights (the right to vote, carry a firearm and many more rights as Americans we may take for granted).

Another downside to petit theft is that it is labeled a crime of dishonestly or moral turpitude which can result in the loss of employment opportunities or certain certificates you hold for the job.

If you are arrested for a petit theft you should have an attorney handle it so that you ensure that your case is handled in a way that will allow for the charge/arrest to be eligible for a sealing or expungement. This way the charge/arrest does not show up for the rest of your life and follows with you those negative implications.