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Cocaine Drug Busts Rise

Drug busts for cocaine are on the rise. Don’t let the news fool you. Just because some states are going easy on marijuana, doesn’t mean strict punishment for drug charges are going to become a thing of the past. Especially if it’s a drug like cocaine. If someone is convicted of possession, delivery, distribution, sales or trafficking of cocaine, there’s a strong chance that they won’t obtain a favorable outcome. If they want a deferred sentence, reduced charges or dismissed charges, they will need a great legal defense

Law enforcement cocaine drug busts are more rampant than ever. It was only about six months ago that local law enforcement agencies busted up a drug ring in Orlando. They were accused of trafficking cocaine in excess of 400 grams. These drug busts take months and months of investigation and planning before the executed raids. Law enforcement is always a few steps ahead of the suspects.

With help from the DEA, many local law enforcement agencies are able to tap phones, which usually reveals who the individuals are buying and distributing the cocaine. In these tapped phone conversations and text messages, the suspects are caught using slang and code words that describe the amount of cocaine and how the transaction will take place. 

If you hire an attorney quickly, you and your lawyer can begin to mount an aggressive defense as soon as you have been arrested. For example, if you are arrested for purchasing cocaine, your lawyer might have a way for you to avoid jail time. Through plea negotiations you might be allowed to complete a drug treatment program to battle your substance abuse addiction. That is a far better outcome than years behind bars.



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