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Personal Breathalyzers: a great way to avoid a DUI

Have you ever been out at a sporting event or concert, had a couple of drinks and wondered what your blood-alcohol level was? Or have you ever consumed alcohol at a friend’s house or party, then questioned whether you were sober enough to drive home? If you’re like a lot of people here in Florida, you may have answered yes to these questions.

That’s because you, like our more frequent readers here in Orlando, probably know how seriously police in our state take drunk driving incidences and how harsh the penalties are for someone who is found guilty of breaking the law. That’s why, in situations like the ones we suggest above, people might have concerns about driving even after drinking small amounts of alcohol because they are afraid of the legal ramifications that could follow.

The mystery of your blood-alcohol level is a thing of the past now, thanks to some personal Breathalyzers that are considered to be just as good as the ones found at police states across the nation. These breath tests don’t even involve the police and some models, when synced with a smartphone, can tell you your BAC and how long it will take you to get to the point where there is no alcohol in your system.

Although prices range from roughly $30 to $100, a lot of our Florida readers may consider a personal breath test to be not only a good investment but a smart one as well. This is especially true if it can help you correctly identify your BAC before getting behind the wheel, therefore giving you a better chance to make the right decision and avoid a possible DUI.

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