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Credit Card Fraud

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2015 | Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud has a nasty ring to it. It makes us think about scammers and other types of immoral people. When you are charged with committing credit card fraud, the stigma attached to it is hard to scrub off. Credit card fraud usually involves the bank cards directly, but the most common type of credit card fraud involves counterfeiting of credit cards. In the past, suspects have been charged with using sophisticated computer systems to produce realistic-looking credit cards, complete with holograms and functioning magnetic strips. 

In the future, you can expect tech-savvy people being arrested for this crime. Authorities are getting stricter and also keeping up with the technology.

Another common kind of credit card fraud occurs with stolen or lost credit cards. You hear about these types of cases on the news. The ones about obtaining credit cards through the mail and fraudulently acquiring them by using false info. Or illegally obtaining confidential information from other peoples’ mailboxes, or stealing available personal information from the trash. 

This doesn’t include all of the ways credit card fraud can be achieved online. On the internet, lists of stolen credit card numbers are posted or sold and used to purchase goods online. 

If you are facing potential credit card fraud charges, it is critical that you hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The penalties for this crime are severe. White collar crime can land you in jail for some time. Your defense team must be proactive on building a strong, fact-based defense. Don’t be too quick to enter a plea bargain, since the technical systems involved with credit cards can be full of errors.