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More College Students Being Arrested

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2015 | Criminal Law

Being a college student comes with a lot of freedom, plus a lot of pressure. Over in Orlando, at the University of Central Florida, a surprisingly new kind of problem has risen. While it’s not uncommon for some college students to be arrested, there now seems to be a crime epidemic going on at UCF.

Whether it’s at the dorms, or nearby apartments, crime has gotten out of control. A massive number of burglaries have really spiked. Law enforcement believes that a larger enrollment at UCF could be playing a part in the increase in crimes. More students means more arrests. Experts believe that whenever there’s a high concentration of college students living in one area, you can expect the crime rate to go up. 

The burglaries have included cars and residences. This past January alone, saw over 100 car thefts. There have even been arrests involving roommates. Deputies were recently called in, as a student claimed that he was robbed at gunpoint on his way back to campus. These crimes don’t even include sexual assault on campus.

Can it really be that simple? The larger the college student population, the higher the crime rate gets? The numbers do seem to back it up. Local authorities and school officials are trying to give students advice. They recommend that students take a lot of precautions and if they live in apartments filled with expensive valuables, to keep them hidden. Quite often, students are robbed of jewelry because they can be easily sold on the streets. 



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