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Speeding Through A School Zone

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2015 | Speeding Tickets

School zones are notorious speed traps. One minute you are driving along at a proper speed, and then BAM! You see a yellow light flashing and warning you to lower you speed to a snail’s crawl. While we can all understand the importance of a school zone, it doesn’t make it any easier to drive through them.

Cops won’t go easy on you either. If you are stopped for speeding through a school zone, you can expect a rather hefty ticket. Police officers are out there using laser speed detectors to monitor all drivers in the area of schools. Officers will not hesitate to ticket drivers who did not observe the school zone’s speed limit.

Most driver just want a warning about school zones sooner, rather than be surprised by them coming out of nowhere. Sure, you may be from the area and know there is a school there and what time the kids are going in and out. But what about a tourist? A school zone is the last thing they are thinking about.

There was a case last year in FL that showed how serious speeding through a school zone truly is. A woman was caught driving 53 mph in a 20 mph in school zone and ended up with a $606 fine! And she wasn’t alone. Right after she was pulled over, within 45 minutes, police officers had pulled over a total of eight school zone speeders!

If you are in a similar situation, you might want to look into traffic school to avoid points on your license. Or you may want to hire a traffic ticket attorney