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Florida woman faces felony DUI charge

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2015 | DUI Expungement

Facing charges of felony DUI can be serious for the person accused. Such charges can include jail time, license revocation and other severe consequences. However, anyone charged with such a crime still has legal rights and options available for his or her defense. One woman in Florida may be considering all options available to her after her recent arrest.

The Melbourne, Florida, woman was recently arrested following a hit-and-run accident and charged with felony DUI along with other charges. According to Melbourne police, the woman, who was driving a pickup truck, rear-ended another vehicle on a major thoroughfare in the city. The woman fled the scene, and police caught up to her at her apartment complex a few miles away. Apparently, the woman did not stop when the officer turned on his blue lights and continued on to her apartment.

One responding officer noted that the woman had watery, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. Also, she was unable to successfully perform several of the actions of a field sobriety test. During the DUI investigation, police conducted a breath test, which registered the woman’s blood alcohol level at 0.18 percent. A small bag of what was believed to be marijuana was also found in her truck. Furthermore, officers discovered that she was driving with a revoked license due to previous DUI arrests.

Regardless of the damaging evidence against her, this woman still has a right to fight the charges she currently faces. An experienced DUI attorney can review all the evidence and help devise a strategy to lessen the severity of any sentences imposed should a conviction occur. Also, depending on the nature of the circumstances leading to her arrest, a lawyer may even be able to have some of the charges dismissed.

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