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Before a breath test stop and think

Most people that have been pulled over for suspicion of DUI can attest to the fact that no matter if you’re guilty or not, the situation is scary. Many times, the simple possibility of being in trouble with the law can lead drivers to say and do things they normally wouldn’t. Before drivers incriminate themselves with a Breathalyzer reading, they should stop and think about how a strong defense attorney can best serve them.

In Florida, a refusal usually means losing your license for a year. And while that fear may prompt drivers to provide officers with a Breathalyzer reading, it is important for drivers to realize they have other rights. An experienced DUI defense attorney can help protect your license after a refusal with negotiating techniques that may not be available if you provide an over-the-limit breath test.

When officers pull someone over for suspicion of DUI, it isn’t always as easy as getting an over-the-limit reading or refusal and assigning guilt. There are numerous steps that authorities must take to make the DUI case valid. A knowledgeable defense attorney knows how to carefully scrutinize each case’s detail to identify mistakes that invalidate the case.

No matter if drivers provide an over-the-limit Breathalyzer reading, a refusal or fail a field sobriety test, every DUI defendant can benefit from the skill and knowledge of an attorney. In every step of the process, an experienced attorney can help advocate for drivers, get their license reinstated or even reduce or eliminate the charges against them. As scary as the situation is, drivers stopped on suspicion of DUI have an advocate a phone call away that is ready to fight for their rights.



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